Hudson Valley Dog Fence
Where we like pets more than most people, too.

In the Hudson Valley, NY and CT: 845-481-DOGS
In the Capital Region, NY and MA: 518-610-1911



We can install one of our new systems or help the do-it-yourselfer by installing or helping to install the equipment you purchase, run the wire underground, move your system, relocate your system to a new home, or expand or decrease the size of your current fence lines.


Is you undergound pet fence in need of some TLC or repair? Let the experts come fix it for you. We can repair your wire break, create temporary loops and change your existing system. 


We can train or retrain your pets on the system and reflag your current system or change your system, flag the new perimeter and train your pet to the new boundary lines.

Top Dog Service

Let your dog run free and let the experts take care of the rest. Call us today for all your repair and reinstallation needs or new installation of our pet fence system or your pre-purchased pet fence system. Stop paying high dealer fees when you can hire someone who has 20 years experience working in the business. Call for a quote today. We offer service in Orange County, NY, Dutchess County, NY, Ulster County, NY, Greene County, NY, Columbia County, NY, Albany, County, NY, Western Massachussetts, and North Western Connecticut.

You Love Your Dog, So Do We

Loyalty is the hallmark of this business. We are a family owned and operated business and we want to make your pets part of our family. We can work with multiple dogs and with the owners to train them in all aspects of their boundaries. Call us for a quote. We offer service in the Hudson Valley Upstate Region of New York, Western Massachussetts and North Western Connecticut.